A bouquet of zinnias

Gift some Zinnia Flowers, Woodland, CA

A bouquet of purple zinniasI remember when I volunteered at the Mountain View food bank (CSA) every time we had flowers to give out, these were the most precious items that day. Gifting flowers is something the Mezger family in Woodland understands very well. They provide the zinnia patch on the outskirts of Woodland. This is a give-it-forward patch. You can pick a bouquet of zinnias and you are asked to pick one for someone else, who is not able to come and pick their own. A sign that says: Welcome to the zinnia patchCheck out their facebook page to follow the announcement when the zinnias are ready to pick, usually at the end of June until September. I love this concept so much! Thank you, Mezger family!

A collection of scissorsSome tips for zinnia picking. First, please note that the field has moved. It’s now located at 11990 County Rd. 96, Woodland, CA 95695. We brought our own scissors, but saw that there were scissors on a table. A very important fact I learned was that zinnias don’t like to lay down. They do much better in a vase during transport (and obviously when at home). It doesn’t have to be fancy, just bring a high jar with a wide mouth (or more if you have many to share). There is a water station to fill up the jars. Just make sure they can sit upright in your car and don’t tip over! If you have a lot of vases, this might be the spot to donate them. And I’m sure the scissors will need to be replenished, too.  A sign marking the entrance to the zinnia patch

Zinnias attract a lot of pollinators, and it was pure joy to see the butterflies dance around. What a fantastic place and a generous family. 

How to get there

To find the zinnias patch follow the signs attached to the blue boxes. Located at 11990 County Rd. 96 in Woodland. I did not see any opening hours, but there is a private driveway next to the patch, so please be respectful and don’t park there. A red zinnia

Have you picked zinnias at the Mezger’s before?



Pick some flower power

Last weekend we went to Pescadero, a quaint little town near the ocean.

While we were having lunch a band was playing outside. All in all it was a very relaxing Sunday.

After lunch we strolled down one of their art rows, little showrooms for local artists, and at the end there is a place to pick dahlias.


U-pick your own flower field in PescaderoThe Pescadero Flowery’s U-Pick is open from June till October. Their dahlias come in two different price categories, $2 for small, $4 for the large. You’ll get a bucket, a pair of scissors and some quick instructions and off you go!

These flowers are truly natural art! You wander in the field and pick the most beautiful creations to take home. My 11 year old enjoyed choosing and picking the flowers and I believe we got a ravishing flower arrangement.


What do you think of our bouquet?Dahlia bouquet
Do you have a  favorite place to pick flowers?