50 things to do in Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale still celebrates its history being part of the Valley of Heart’s Delight. Drive by the Libby Water Tower, see the Murphy House with its apricot orchard, or get some chocolate covered cherries at Olson’s. Even though most of the orchards are gone, Sunnyvale still has a small town feel and lots to discover.

As always the list is in no particular order. Please let me know any comments or suggestions in the comment section below or contact me.

  1. Shop at the Sunnyvale Farmer’s Market, Saturdays from 9 am – 1 pm (, Murphy Ave at Washington) [also see: Eat local produce]
  2. Stroll along historic Murphy St. Sunnyvale’s downtown (, Murphy St.) Historic Murphy Street in Sunnyvale
  3. Let the children experience art at first hand at the ‘Hands on the Arts Festival’, annually the third Saturday in May (, Sunnyvale Community Center, 550 E. Remington Dr.)
  4. See the Challenge Course at Baylands Park (, 999 E Caribbean Dr) Challenge Course at Baylands Park in Sunnyvale
  5. Swim in one of three city operated pools (
  6. Or learn how to swim at the Sunnyvale Swim Complex (
  7. Try to spot the wild parrots (,, El Camino / Mathilda, at night at Las Palmas Park)
    Las Palmas playground in Sunnyvale
  8. See a replica of the first manufactured home, the Murphy House, also known as the Heritage Park Museum (, 570 E. Remington Dr.)
    Replica of the Murphy House, aka as Sunnyvale's Heritage Park Museum
  9. Enjoy some Victorian tea time at the Heritage Park Museum (, 795 S. Wolfe Rd.)
  10. Drink some micro brews at the Faultline Brewery or the Firehouse Brewery (,
  11. Or just pick one out of 71 brews and 6 wines on tap at The Halford (, 1494 Halford Ave)
    Beers at the Halford in Sunnyvale
  12. Listen to some live music at the summer series downtown, every Wednesday from June – August, 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm (–market.html)
  13. Add a little magic to your wine stroll, Magic of Sunnyvale & Wine Stroll May12, 2018, 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm (–wine-stroll.html, downtown)
  14. Golf away at Sunken Gardens or the Sunnyvale Golf Course (
    Golfers at the driving range at Sunken Gardens Golf in Sunnyvale
  15. See the oldest extant residence – Wright Ranch (, 1234 Cranberry Ave.) 
    Wright Ranch, Sunnyvale's oldest remaining ranch
  16. Laugh at a comedian, Rooster T. Feathers (, 157 W. El Camino)
    Rooster T. Feathers in Sunnyvale
  17. Learn the history of lace – at the Lace Museum (, 552 S. Murphy St.) [also see: Lace it up]
    Lace Museum in Sunnyvale
  18. Sit next to an Man reading a book – photo opt near the library (, 665 W. Olive Ave)
    'Out to lunch' sculpture at the Sunnyvale library
  19. Wander the community garden – Charles St. Gardens, self guided garden tours are every Tuesday from 11 am – 1 pm (, 433 Charles St.) [also see: Garden for all senses]
    Garden Plot at Charles Garden in Sunnyvale
  20. Eat a french dip and drink their homemade root beer at Adamson’s (, 806 W. El Camino Real) Adamsons, Sunnyvale
  21. Let the kids play at Las Palmas Park (, 850 Russet Drive) [also see: Come out and play]
    Las Palmas Park in Sunnyvale
  22. Escape a room and other fun events at the Sunnyvale Library (, 665 W. Olive Ave)
    Sunnyvale Public Library
  23. Spin a pottery wheel at the open pottery studio (, 550 E. Remington Dr)
  24. Or paint something at the Open Painting Studio, Monday and Tuesday 9 am – noon (, , 550 E. Remington Dr)
  25. Fly some drones and model airplanes at Baylands Park (, 999 E Caribbean Dr) [also see:]R/C flyer with his planes at Baylands Park, Sunnyvale
  26. Listen to some jazz downtown, Jazz & Beyond, every Saturday starting July till the end of August, 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm, Murphy St.)
  27. Taste some mead or cider at the Rabbit’s Foot Meadery (, 1246 Birchwood Dr)
  28. Get the kids to read at Bookasaurus (, 125 S. Murphy)
  29. Pay tribute to the history of cannery at the Libby’s Watertower (, W. California Ave) [also see: Sunnyvale orchard treasury hunt]
    Libby's water tower in Sunnyvale
  30. Try to see the Iron Man Museum, if you are an American citizen. (, on Hendy Ave between Sunnyvale Ave & Fair Oaks Ave)
  31. See what “Mr. Sunnyvale” planted (Mary Avenue and Carson Drive) "Mr. Sunnyvale's" plants
  32. Learn about the Valley of Heart’s Delight (, 570 East Remington Drive) [also see: Smell the blossoms in the Valley of Heart’s Delight
  33. Let the kids run at Seven Seas Park (, 1010 Morse Ave)
    Seven Sea's Park in Sunnyvale
  34. Or splash at Ortega Park (, 636 Harrow Way)
    Ortega Park in Sunnyvale
  35. Don’t be crushed by the stamp mill at Murphy Park (, N. Sunnyvale Ave) Stamp Mill in Sunnyvale
  36. Bowl on a lawn at the Sunnyvale Lawn Bowls Club (, 250 N. Sunnyvale Ave)
    Sunnyvale Lawn Bowls Club
  37. Putt-putt some miniature golf at Golfland (, 855 E. El Camino Real)
    Golfland, Sunnyvale
  38. Eat cocohodo, a walnut pastry, and watch how it’s made! (, 1082 E. El Camino Real #6)
    Coffee and four cocohodo
  39. Climb away at Planet Granite (, 815 Stewart Drive) Climber at Planet Granite in Sunnyvale
  40. Sorry, Weird Stuff closed. You could find anything computer related at WeirdStuff (, 384 West Caribbean Drive)

    Inside WeirdStuff
    Image courtesy of WeirdStuff
  41. See a play by the Sunnyvale Community Players (, 550 East Remington Drive)
  42. Sorry, Olson closed. Buy some chocolate covered cherries from the historic CJ Olson farmstand (, 348 W. El Camino Real) Olson fruit stand in Sunnyvale
  43. Sorry Olson closed. Or take a cherry orchard tour (, 348 W. El Camino Real)
  44. Marvel at the Eichler homes (
  45. Walk the labyrinth of St John’s Lutheran Church (581-583 E. Fremont) or St Thomas’ Episcopal Church (231 Sunset Avenue) [also see: Follow the spiral/spiritual pathLabyrinth at St John’s Lutheran Church, Sunnyvale
  46. Skate at the Sunnyvale Skatepark, daily 7 am – sunset (, Fair Oaks Park, 540 N. Fair Oaks Ave.)
    Entrance to the skate park at Fair Oaks Park in Sunnyvale
  47. Hike or bike the John W. Greenbelt (
  48. See one of the Evenings of Cultural Arts shows (, 550 E. Remmington)
  49. Food trucks and games at Sports Basement, Thursdays 5 pm – 8 pm (, 1177 Kern Ave)
  50. Have a breakfast with Santa, December 9th, 2017, two sessions 8 am -9:30 am or 10:30 am – noon (, Orchard Pavilion)
As always no affiliations with the mentioned businesses unless otherwise noted. Dates are for 2017. Please let me know of any changes or mistakes. All images are mine, please don’t use without permission. © 2017
* Data from Wikipedia (,_California)

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  • September 12, 2017 at 6:46 pm

    Fabulous job! I was waiting to see if you had Rabbit’s Foot Meadery and you did. I volunteer at the Lace Museum and we love visitors, Tuesday-Saturday 10-4, with third Friday evening open houses most months.

    • October 26, 2018 at 5:36 pm

      Thank you! Please spread the word 🙂


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