Pick some flower power

Last weekend we went to Pescadero, a quaint little town near the ocean.

While we were having lunch a band was playing outside. All in all it was a very relaxing Sunday.

After lunch we strolled down one of their art rows, little showrooms for local artists, and at the end there is a place to pick dahlias.


U-pick your own flower field in PescaderoThe Pescadero Flowery’s U-Pick is open from June till October. Their dahlias come in two different price categories, $2 for small, $4 for the large. You’ll get a bucket, a pair of scissors and some quick instructions and off you go!

These flowers are truly natural art! You wander in the field and pick the most beautiful creations to take home. My 11 year old enjoyed choosing and picking the flowers and I believe we got a ravishing flower arrangement.


What do you think of our bouquet?Dahlia bouquet
Do you have a  favorite place to pick flowers?