Seed Share at Martial Cottle Park, San Jose

Exchange Seeds at a Seed Library

Seed packages and instructions from the Mountain View Library seed exchange.

Libraries are a great resource, not only for books. For example our library, in Mountain View, offers language lessons, movies, events, and my favorite program, Discover & Go. They also have a seed library. You can donate seeds or check out their inventory. Currently they have leeks, peas, basils, and ornamental flowers. Like Mountain View, a lot of local libraries offer a seed exchange program.

Shelves with seeds and growing instructions at the Mountain View library

These programs prevent the loss of seed integrity, and preserve genetic diversity. In addition they promote self sustainability. You can become a gardener with little to no start-up cost.

To participate you don’t have to exchange seeds, but you are encouraged to collect seeds from the ones you acquired and share again. 

The basic rules for seed sharing are:

Take what you need

Plant what you take

Learn to save seeds

Share what you save

Seeds and information materials from the seed share at the Martial Cottle Park in San Jose

The last Saturday in January is National Seed Swap Day. This day celebrates the beginning of the new gardening season. Unfortunately the UC Master Gardeners canceled their event at Martial Cottle Park in San Jose for this day. But you can always stop by their seed library in front of the park’s demonstration garden. 

Does your library offer a seed library?

If you would rather buy seedlings, please support Valley Verde in San Jose.