Video arcade machines at High Score, Alameda

Get a high score

We went to the Pinball Museum in Alameda before and I was surprised that they also have an Interactive Arcade Museum.

Playing arcade games at High Score, Alameda

High Scores on Park St in Alameda (or B St in Hayward) is another rainy day option. $6 buys you an hour of fun, if you plan to stay longer you might want to invest in a $12 day pass. Teach your kid who is boss in Mortal Kombat II or eat some dots and ghosts in the classic Pac Man. A lot of these games are multiplayer, so, bring a friend or a few kids. You can also celebrate your next birthday or organize a team building event. The atmosphere is loud and crowded, but on our visit there you could always find a machine to try a game.

arcade inspired art

I liked the arcade inspired artwork above the video games and the Donkey Kong photo opp outside.

Pac-Man arcade game at High Score, Alameda

Which one is your all time favorite arcade game?

Kids playing computer games at the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment (MADE) in Oakland

Study the history of digital games

I know it sounds contradictory to try to get my teenager away from electronics by going to a digital game museum. But it’s all about being able to experience and not just consume. That was my motivation.

The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment (MADE) in Oakland has an impressive collection of over 5,300 playable games. Your $10 entrance fee buys you a whole day of playing every game imaginable.

They start historically with pong and the old astroid games, but they have all consoles and a ton of games. To preserve the game cartridges you have to ask the staff to switch the games for you. You lounge in comfortable sofas or for the PC games on office chairs.

Star Trek Phaser Battle box, MADE in OaklandI liked the old pong-clone consoles, the colorful boxes, and was amazed at the different controllers they used to have. Some games were hard to figure out, but I can imagine the older child coming here and recreating their childhood from the 80s.

Guitar hero band set up, at the MADE in OaklandI wish I were more adventurous, I would have tried the drums for guitar hero. Yes, they have the whole band setup!

This place attracts mostly boys, but there were also some girls holding their ground. The mothers enjoyed the free WiFi to check their phones. Seating was plenty and comfortable.


A great place to teach kids about digital games and play some old favorites.

Have you been to the MADE?  


Repository of fun

Repository of fun

Playland not-at-the-beach was founded out of fond memories from the Playland near Ocean Beach in San Francisco that closed down in 1972.


We started our visit with the magic show. A 20 min show with great tricks and fun jokes. Down the hall are memorabilia from the Cliff House and the Sutro Bath with posters explaining their history.


The Addams Family pinballBut of course we came here to play! There are several rooms with pinball machines. Sadly our favorite pinball the Addams Family had a flipper brocken. Not one of the major two flippers (I saw a machine where that was the case) but still it took away from the fun. Besides pinball, there are a lots of arcade games, some our grandparents might remember.



the yeti's grandsonA few rooms are dedicated for miniature houses that light up when you press a button and some things move.

One cabinet I saw with a lot of curious things.


There is a lot to discover and fun for a large group to enjoy themselves.
Do you remember the amusement park at the ocean?