Repository of fun

Repository of fun

Playland not-at-the-beach was founded out of fond memories from the Playland near Ocean Beach in San Francisco that closed down in 1972.


We started our visit with the magic show. A 20 min show with great tricks and fun jokes. Down the hall are memorabilia from the Cliff House and the Sutro Bath with posters explaining their history.


The Addams Family pinballBut of course we came here to play! There are several rooms with pinball machines. Sadly our favorite pinball the Addams Family had a flipper brocken. Not one of the major two flippers (I saw a machine where that was the case) but still it took away from the fun. Besides pinball, there are a lots of arcade games, some our grandparents might remember.



the yeti's grandsonA few rooms are dedicated for miniature houses that light up when you press a button and some things move.

One cabinet I saw with a lot of curious things.


There is a lot to discover and fun for a large group to enjoy themselves.
Do you remember the amusement park at the ocean?