A crab in a tide pool

Tide Pool at Bean Hollow State Beach

   Tafoni rock formation found at Bean Hollow State Beaach.Tide pooling is a fun activity. On low tide you’ll be able to see some ocean residents in little pools. One place to do this is at Bean Hollow State Beach near Pescadero. Bean Hollow stands out because of the interesting rock formations. Tafoni rock, or swiss-cheese-rock, makes you feel like you landed in a different universe! Starfish in a tide pool

The tide pools don’t continue the swiss theme, but you’ll be greeted by tiny crabs. It took us a while to spot a starfish, and in my photo on the right you might be able to see it. It is not presenting its iconic formation, but instead clinging to the walls. Whenever we went tide pooling there was always lots of sea-life in these shallow pools. As you move closer to the ocean, there is more and more algae; the ground becomes slippier and slippier.  So be careful. Please watch your steps and the ocean. 

Orange pepper in a tide poolMy most colorful discovery turned out to be an orange pepper. Probably left over from a picnic?

Like I said, tide pooling is a lot of discovering. Check out the tide chart (https://www.tideschart.com/United-States/California/San-Mateo-County/Bean-Hollow-State-Beach/) before you go. You are not allowed to take anything except pictures. 

Where do you go tide pooling?