Go see the donkeys

One of my favorite movie quotes is: ”I’m a flying, talking donkey!”

I was very surprised to learn that the real donkey that ‘donkey’ was modeled after lives in Palo Alto!

There are currently two donkeys on the pasture behind Bol Park (http://www.barronparkdonkeys.org/):

Perry, a minuture donkey, was the model for ‘donkey’ in the movie Shrek. Niner, a standard donkey, came to greet us when we were visiting.

Donkey Niner
What a beautiful smile

He has really soft fur and I think a beautiful smile.

I learned from their website that they take the donkeys each Sunday morning out to Bol Park where they can graze on the lawn.

If you have smaller children you might also enjoy the big playground in Bol Park.



Have you seen any other movie stars in the Bay Area lately?

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