Discover what’s living in the tide pools

Tide pool at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in Moss BeachJust touch with your eyes – as our new favorite saying goes. The creatures living in the tide pools of the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in Moss Beach, one of the most diverse marine lives areas, are not to be touched. In fact, you should make sure you are not stepping on anything either.

Before you go, check the tides schedule, low tides, one foot or less, are best for viewing. People tide pooling at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in Moss Beach

You can pick up a brochure at the park center guiding you in what you might find. At the same place, they also show a video with examples,  have information on Abalone, the geology at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, and talk about whale migration.

I was hoping to see an octopus, but these masters of disguise require more patience and a bit of luck I suppose. We did see a hermit crab (no snail can walk that fast!), and a few tiny fish. A group ahead of us spotted a CRAB! I felt happy to watch their sea critter treasure hunt.

Bench overlooking the cove at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in Moss BeachFor the not so stable walkers, there is a bench overlooking the Cove.

A tip for people coming from the inland bring a sweater! Temperatures dropped 20 degrees Fahrenheit. We enjoyed a clam chowder at Sam’s Chowder House afterward to warm up again.

Have you looked into a tide pool recently?


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