Big white birds

The other day I saw a big white bird landing on a tree. “Is this a stork?” I asked amazed. Where I am from the big white birds are called storks. “No, an egret. “ someone from my group replied. “They are nesting right now where I work.”

Sign for more egret informationOh yeah, I knew exactly  where she works! Google closes off Shorebird Way from April to October for the egrets to nest.

I went there to see and boy what a spectacle! Some are building a nest, some trying to find a mate, some appeared annoyed finding me looking at them! Their gobble is too cute. I think it is a mixture of what would come out of a chicken paired with turkey.

And then I DID see a stork!

expectant mother parking sign

Have you ever heard the gobble of egrets?

Do you know of any other breeding spots for egrets?