Back entrance for the MarinMOCA

Sojourn to the MarinMOCA, Novato

Immigrant sculpture by Aristides DemetriosImmigrant sculpture by Aristides DemetriosMy favorite piece at MarinMOCA in Novato was one of the sculptures outside, in the courtyard between the museum and 789 Hamilton Parkway. The Immigrant by Aristides Demetrios (who also did the Wind Harp in South San Francisco), depicts a bronze body that’s fluid in shape, holding up a mask in one hand, and a short ladder in the other. The head bent away from the body. The symbolism hit me immediately of always pretending, bending to other’s needs, and yet struggling to climb up the ladder. 

The museum is part of the historic Hamilton Field, a former Air Force base. The ornate entrance is a clue that this was the former administration headquarters. In the near vicinity is also a theater building and a church. All buildings are in the Spanish Colonial style. The museum also serves as an art center with classes and over 60 artist studios. 

Part of the exhibit by Barbara Stauffacher Solomon & Nellie King Solomon: SUPER-SILLY-USThe current exhibit by Barbara Stauffacher Solomon & Nellie King Solomon: SUPER-SILLY-US at the main gallery and the members showcase, Elena Guryeva : PHENOMENA on the second floor, will end on June 4th. Two new exhibits will start June 17th, 2023.

The general admission is $10, $8 for seniors, students, military (with valid ID). A steep price for the little museum. The museum’s store has tempting offerings from jewelry to scarves and cute elephants. There are also unique hand-crafted items from the MarinMOCA artist members.

The MarinMOCA is located at 500 Palm Drive, in Novato, CA. Opening hours are Wednesday to Friday from 11am to 4pm and Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 5pm.

Where is your favorite art museum in the Bay Area?