Pet the Mayor dog

In 1984, Sunol California, elected the first dog to be honorary mayor. He defeated two humans as a write in candidate and held the position until his death in 1994.

Sunol erected a bronze statue of Bosco, to honor the Labrador mix with his signature bandana.

Usually his duty as honorary mayor would mean that he headed the Halloween parade. In 1990 a Chinese paper commented on the fact that in the U. S. a dog was elected as a proof of the failure of democracy. This was after the Tiananmen  Square protests.

So, Bosco was invited by local Chinese students to participate in a demonstration in front of the San Francisco Chinese embassy.

Sign for Bosco's Bones and BrewHis favorite hang-out was a local bar. So it makes sense that there is a bar in town called Bosco’s Bones & Brew. Make sure to get a seat by the bar, where they have a stuffed dog “peeing” beer.

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