Water temple in Siunol, CA

Hail to the water

Water in California is a major topic. Coming out of a drought that gave us wildfires and restrictions on water use, we now have had a lot of rain. This downpour was a huge test for the tallest dam in the U.S., Oroville, CA. My thoughts go out to the people affected by flooding in all of California.

Ceiling of the Sunol Water TempleThis is probably not the reason why there are two water temples in the area. But if you like the sound of running water and are looking for a peaceful place this might be your next stop.

Sunil Water TempleSo far I only visited the Sunol water temple. I was there by myself (except for some city workers next to the field who had their picnic lunch). The water temple was modeled after the ancient Temple of Vesta in Tivoli, Italy, by Willis Polk. Built in 1910, in its early years half of San Francisco’s water supply would pass through it. Today only a small amount is used for San Francisco’s water and sewer needs, the rest flows into the Alameda Creek.

Unfortunately the Sunol Water Temple is no longer accessible, closed until November 2018 for construction of the nearby Sunol Corporation Yard. This can only mean that we all have to explore the second water temple in the area: The Pulgas Water Temple 86 Cañada Road, Woodside, California.

Sunol Water Temple, 505 Paloma Way in Sunol, California

Where do you go to pay tribute to water?

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Statue of Bosco

Pet the Mayor dog

In 1984, Sunol California, elected the first dog to be honorary mayor. He defeated two humans as a write in candidate and held the position until his death in 1994.

Sunol erected a bronze statue of Bosco, to honor the Labrador mix with his signature bandana.

Usually his duty as honorary mayor would mean that he headed the Halloween parade. In 1990 a Chinese paper commented on the fact that in the U. S. a dog was elected as a proof of the failure of democracy. This was after the Tiananmen  Square protests.

So, Bosco was invited by local Chinese students to participate in a demonstration in front of the San Francisco Chinese embassy.

Sign for Bosco's Bones and BrewHis favorite hang-out was a local bar. So it makes sense that there is a bar in town called Bosco’s Bones & Brew. Make sure to get a seat by the bar, where they have a stuffed dog “peeing” beer.

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