giant buddha

Where the giant buddhas are

Stockton might not be on everyone’s radar for a short day trip. (If you are from Stockton, I welcome comments below. )

We came from Davis and had time for a short sightseeing stop. This one was a bit hard to find but impressive nonetheless.

The Wat Dhammararam Buddhist Temple allows visitors to view their giant sculptures. I do not know the stories they depict but they made me surely curious. (Actually their website summarizes some of the stories.)

And they are truly giant!

blood splattered buddha

One little girl said to a statue: “Bye. I won’t see you again.” I turned around and saw a slaughtered figure on the ground. I smiled to myself at such carefreeness.





Everyone here was smiling and waving. Truly an enchanted place.Looks like the soccer goddess

My son even saw the soccer goddess. 🙂

Have you seen giant Buddha statues?