We Can Do It poster

Let’s not forget the Rosie’s

We can do it! The image of the woman in a blue worker outfit, flexing her biceps, was for me always a symbol for equal rights in the workforce.

Little did I know that this was a propaganda poster in World War II to get the women in to substitute for the men and outproduce war materials. About six million women would prove that they could do what was considered men’s work, like welding and riveting.


A Rosie lunchboxThe Rosie the Riveter Museum in Richmond does a great job remembering the Rosies, their accomplishments in welding and other jobs, it also mentions new achievements like day care. But they also talk about some lesser popular subjects like race inequality and the housing crisis.


Richmond got chosen to be the National Park Memorial for Rosie the Riveter because of the large Kaiser shipyards building warships, where a lot of Rosie’s worked.


Roger, a contemporary witnessOn Fridays you can see some Rosies (and a Roger) gladly explaining what it was like for them.

Do you know any Rosie’s?