Woman browsing through vintage clothes

Shop for Vintage Clothes in Davis

People at the Davis Craft and Vintage FairIt makes sense that Davis as a college town has lots of ways to shop second hand. There are a few vintage clothing stores downtown. If you are looking for a more social experience check out Davis Craft and Vintage Fair. Besides vintage clothes this fair also features local crafts and jewelry. I saw some cute Amigurumi (Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and dolls), interesting artwork, and homemade jewelry. Amigurumi offered at the Davis Craft and Vintage Fair

The Craft and Vintage Fair was started more than 10 years ago as the Square Tomatoes Craft Fair by some instructors for the UC Davis Craft Center. The best news is it is usually twice a month from 10 am to 4 pm (only once a month in July and August). Stroll down the covered area at Central Park Pavillion, where you can find the farmers market on Saturdays. There is live music and food trucks, too. But wait there’s more. On the second Friday they move to E Street Plaza from 5 pm to 9 pm, as part of the 2nd Friday ArtAbout.

Pop-up vintage fair at University Mall, DavisOn my way back home I found a pop-up vintage market in the University Mall parking lot on Russell Blvd. They also had vintage clothing, art, and toys. I really enjoyed my sample of dill pickle flavored popcorn. 

Davis is definitely the place to be if you are looking to buy vintage clothes and local art. It is also great for the environment to re-use.

Vintage Clothes on a rackThe Davis Craft and Vintage Fair is located at Central Park 301 C St. for their Sunday markets. Find them at E Street Plaza near Baskin Robbins for the 2nd Friday ArtAbout.

The Vintage pop-up market is on Sundays in the parking lot of the University Mall on Russell Blvd.

Where do you go vintage cloth shopping?