Shroom out in Santa Cruz

Shroom out in Santa Cruz

A selection of mushrooms you can buy at Far West Fungi in Santa CruzIf you missed the 50th anniversary of the mushroom festival by the Fungus Federation of Santa Cruz (FFSC) this January you can still join fungi lovers on May 4th/5th for the Santa Cruz Mountain Mushroom Festival. At this event the mycological community is getting together for wild mushroom exploration, cooking and cultivation demos, functional mushroom talks, and DIY workshops. It comes with a steep price tag of $75 per day. In comparison tickets for the Morgan Hill Mushroom Festival, May 25th/26th, 2024 are $20 at the door. 

Far West Fungi product lineIf you just started out to be a fungi lover the easiest way to introduce you to all things fungi is visiting Far West Fungi – the Santa Cruz Mushroom store. This all mushroom place offers a one-of-a-kind mushroom cafe, a selection of fresh mushrooms, a line of at-home mushroom cultivation supplies, a collection of dried and powdered mushrooms, and a selection of myco-nutraceuticals (natural pharmaceutical).

Warning sign: Picking and eating wild mushrooms can kill youAn inexpensive way to admire mushrooms is to ‘hunt’ for them. I would not advise you to plug and eat, unless you know what you are doing. But to photograph these when they come up after the rain might just be a worthwhile hunt. 

Are you a fungiphile?

Far West Fungi – 224 Laurel St Suite A101, Santa Cruz, CA

Gills of a wild mushroom