Find the Way to San Jose

Display from the Way to San Jose exhibit with a sign reading cinnabarIf you are like me, anytime you see a sign to San Jose you know what to sing. One of the ways to arrive at or leave San Jose is via Amtrak at the Diridon station. If you happen to be in the waiting room and need to pass time you should check out the displays around. ‘The way to San Jose’ is an exhibit that showcases the different transportation options in the Santa Clara Valley.

From early tule boats, a canoe used by the Oholone, to the BART extension program, the exhibit highlights different ways to travel. Mineta airport and the former port of Alviso are also stations to learn about. There is quite a history in this area about transportation! Mural of a oxen carrying passengers and horse riders

If you enjoy architecture, the Italian Renaissance Revival style of the Diridon station might intrigue you as well.

I hope your summer travel is going well and you’ll find your way back to San Jose.