Entrance to the history museum in Winters, CA

Memorialize the History of Winters

Entrance to the history museum in Winters, CAWinters is a small city in Yolo. Off the main street, on 13 Russell Street, you will find the Winters history museum. The current exhibit Wide World of Winters’ Sports in the front shows a collection of famous sports events, gathered by locals.

An antique printing pressI found the printing presses in the back the most amazing artifacts in the collection. They are still working and we saw some nice examples of embossed wedding invitations.  Through the passionate eyes of the volunteers you will be guided to local history events and the printing press operations. We were introduced to the immense time-consuming act of typesetting with lead molds, which were hazardous work environments.  

A drawer full of typesetsThe free history museum was a welcome stop while we explored Winters. It is open Thursday through Sunday from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. And if you are lucky there will be fresh baked cookies, too!

What is your favorite history museum?