Repository of fun

Repository of fun

Playland not-at-the-beach was founded out of fond memories from the Playland near Ocean Beach in San Francisco that closed down in 1972.


We started our visit with the magic show. A 20 min show with great tricks and fun jokes. Down the hall are memorabilia from the Cliff House and the Sutro Bath with posters explaining their history.


The Addams Family pinballBut of course we came here to play! There are several rooms with pinball machines. Sadly our favorite pinball the Addams Family had a flipper brocken. Not one of the major two flippers (I saw a machine where that was the case) but still it took away from the fun. Besides pinball, there are a lots of arcade games, some our grandparents might remember.



the yeti's grandsonA few rooms are dedicated for miniature houses that light up when you press a button and some things move.

One cabinet I saw with a lot of curious things.


There is a lot to discover and fun for a large group to enjoy themselves.
Do you remember the amusement park at the ocean?

The Lace Museum

Lace it up

When I saw that there is a Lace Museum  in Sunnyvale, I put that on my list on things to explore.


I hesitated to go in at first because it said on the front door to call (408-730-4695) if you like a tour. But, since I was there I might as well check it out, right?

(It turns out I misread it, you only need to call if you are six or more, they will give you a tour if you are a smaller group, or even by yourself.)

I got greeted with the words: “Welcome to the Lace Museum. Would you like a tour?” Perfect!


I have to say, I learned so much! Thank you. I still have a hard time picturing how people make these delicate laces by hand. They do classes and I will definitely check out their Christmas fundraiser, where they sell ornaments made with old lace.


A laced vest that uses hair and silkThey have one exhibit piece that uses hair and silk as the lace material. And on another piece there are  scarab beetles incorporated into it. I had no idea they are so shiny!


Currently they have an exhibit about wedding dresses. But, these special exhibits change.

This museum is an all volunteer base, so please come by, get the inside scoop on lace and donate, because they do a mighty great job.

Have you done lacing before?

Entrance to Raging Waters

Summer Water Fun

Growing up in Germany summer break always meant hanging out at the pool. So my first idea for my sons summer break was this indoor pool I always wanted to check out. Luckily I did some research first and found out that this particular pool is right now only open Friday thru Sunday for recreational swim.

Well the weather is pleasant and warm enough for an outdoor pool.

Have you ever seen Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure? Remember San Dimas?

waterslideWe are right next to Raging Waters, part of the trifecta water parks.

It was excellent to go on the first day of summer break since not all schools are on break at the same time. We mostly enjoyed the wave pool. But when we were ready to slide we walked right up to it! Excellent start dude!


Now let’s see what we’re going to do with the rest of the eleven weeks.


Do you have any fun activities planned for the summer?

giant buddha

Where the giant buddhas are

Stockton might not be on everyone’s radar for a short day trip. (If you are from Stockton, I welcome comments below. )

We came from Davis and had time for a short sightseeing stop. This one was a bit hard to find but impressive nonetheless.

The Wat Dhammararam Buddhist Temple allows visitors to view their giant sculptures. I do not know the stories they depict but they made me surely curious. (Actually their website summarizes some of the stories.)

And they are truly giant!

blood splattered buddha

One little girl said to a statue: “Bye. I won’t see you again.” I turned around and saw a slaughtered figure on the ground. I smiled to myself at such carefreeness.





Everyone here was smiling and waving. Truly an enchanted place.Looks like the soccer goddess

My son even saw the soccer goddess. 🙂

Have you seen giant Buddha statues?