Be a pinball wizard

Be a pinball wizard

All the way in Alameda is the Pacific Pinball Museum. For $15 for adults and $7.50 for kids under 16  you can play all day, yes even get yourself lunch and/or dinner and  return to play some more.

This is great for an all ages fun. You can learn something about the history while you wait for your turn or if you are feeling like taking a break stroll back to room one (of 4) to see the oldest pinball machines ever made.

An old pinball machine They also rent out one room for birthday parties. In fact we saw some kids coming out with a pinball related goodie bag.

I  so glad that I did wander around and explore, because I found a tiny pinball art exhibit and also the Addams family pinball: the best game ever!




Which one is your favorite pinball machine?